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Aya Saad

Postdoctoral Researcher

Department of Engineering Cybernetics
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Elektro D/B2, D452C, Gløshaugen


Postdoc researcher working on automating and embedding methods in microscopy into mobile robotic platforms, for real-time targeted plankton-taxa identification and classification, that feeds the process of autonomous navigation control and mapping, which assists in modeling oceanographic phenomena. A new framework for this task is under development. Examples of ML methods explored are listed but not limited to: Mask-RCNN and attention segmentation to perform real-time segmentation; Learning the Bag-of-features to better classify identified objects; Active learning to minimize the labeling task effort; C-GAN to solve the class imbalance problem; and, methods of unsupervised learning to identify unknown extracted objects in-situ.

Research interests

Robotic Vision, Computer Vision, Robust AI, Constraint Programming and Optimization, Reasoning about Uncertainty

Current Master thesis co-supervision:

Previous Master thesis co-supervision (graduated June 2020)

Other Activities

Currently a member of the IDUN-ITK group at NTNU, which is part of the “IDUN – from Ph.D. to professor” project. The IDUN project main goal is to promote the female representation in academia. Thereof, the ITK group main research focus in a 2-years journey is to develop methodologies of Robust AI learning and to ensure their applicability to broad set of applications such as robotic control.

Publication List